Casual Monday

I have previously mentioned that I work on the 20th floor of my office. Well, we actually have two offices in downtown Dallas. I usually work in the other one but from time to time I get a change of scenery. Literally, you can actually see out of the windows in this office from my cubicle!! Another plus is that it is very often casual day. Every Monday is causal and then if the goal of the week is met, it is casual the entire next week. All that to say....I am wearing jeans and my cute sandels which I can not usually wear :) At the other building, we have a strict dress code. No sandels, sleaveless tops, and hose at all times. That is not a fun dress code during the Dallas summers.

We had a great weekend. We took a second trip to the brand new IKEA store in Dallas. It was great for me a second time and it was Justin's first (and probably last) trip. He enjoyed it for a little while! I got some new items to finish decorating our study. I need to take a picture of that as well. Mommy made us some new curtains for that room, too.

I was glad to see my family joined the blog circle. However, that makes it a little tough to squeeze in reading everyone's and updating during my lunch hour. Good thing we just got wireless internet! Now I can watch Amazing Race tomorrow and catch up on blogging during commercials.


Zachary said...

Hey Lindsay. The sandals and shirt sound very cute, I'm so glad you got to wear them at work. Ok, honestly, I'm really not that interested in clothing, but, I am glad for you! It's a long story as to why we call Lauri all of those names. I will have to tell you sometime!

Ben said...

Yeah I got Atticus from to Kill a Mockingbird. Do you not like it? It's probably my favorite name.

Mimi & Poppy said...

I left you an email with shower details and questions. Can you check that? There are way too many secrets on there to share with this crew!