Kara's in Labor!!!

Yeah! Kara went into labor this morning. I am now sitting at work waiting for her to call with an update. I live and work near the hospital so Justin and I are waiting to hear that Walker will be here soon! Then we will jump in the car and head over to Baylor.

After this morning's news, my weekend seems not so important but I'll update everyone anyway. Justin and I drove down to Waco on Saturday morning. We picked up Justin's sister, Ashley, and then met my parents and Ben at the stadium. Contrary to what Ben believes, Tech should not have won by more. It was a close game until the end of the fourth quarter! Ben is very confused as he also wore a Baylor T-shirt to the game and cheered for Tech.

After the game, we went to the best restaurant in Waco, Ninfa's. This is also the place I waited tables at for about two years during college. We had a great time there eating wonderful fajita's and queso and catching up with friends!

We drove home Sunday morning and guess who called again. That's right, the ticket fairy. My friend Amanda called and said she had Cowboys tickets again. Since I am such a good wife, Justin and I went to the game, again! The good wife part comes in because I had not showered yet so my hair was very dirty from the Baylor game. The game was fun but not as much as the Eagles or Gaints games. The crowd was pretty subdued through most of it and cheering and going crazy is one of the best parts!

We took our camera this weekend but the battery isn't working so no pictures :( But in the spirit of Baylor, here is one of graduation to tide you over. I am sure there will be many more pictures this week of my brand new nephew! This was in December. That is me and Justin of course (he graduated in August) and Paul (a college friend that now lives in Dallas and went to homecoming with us) and Amanda (my sister-in-law not to be confused with Ashley my other sister-in-law).


BrendaW said...

Thanks for the update Lindsay. I was wondering wjo was going to keep us updated o nall the news. It looks like your the one. We look forward to seeing pictures today hopefullly. Have Fun with your new nephew. They are a blast!! I am so glad that I live close to mine that I get to see them all the time too

CrazyUncle said...

i think there were not too many photo-worthy periods in the game, anyway. At least not from the AZ standpoint. No graduation photo for you. Sorry.

p.s. Welcome to aunt-hood. Not that I know about aunting anyone.