Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah!! Thanksgiving is almost here. That means two days off (yes I am at work right now), food, football, and time with family. Not to discount anyone but I am especially excited about seeing out of town guests like Katie and Justin, grandmommy and granddaddy, and Uncle Billy and his family on Justin's side. My soon to be brother-in-law will also be in town from Connecticut so I look forward to getting to know him a little better. I also can't wait to spend more time with my new nephew! Kara and Walker came to eat lunch with me on Monday but other than that I haven't seen him in at least a week. I am sure he has already grown!

As excited as I am to see my family and spend time with everyone, my heart is heavy today. As you probably know from Mommy's blog, the associate pastor of Lakeside passed away on Monday. He was the father of my long time friend Mike who I met in 6th grade when his family first came to our church. We have been great friends since and it breaks my heart to think of how Mike and his family must be feeling. I know that Craig is now with the Lord in a much better place where he doesn't have to feel the pain and sorrow of this world. But please keep his family in your prayers as they try to make it through this holiday season without a father, husband, and granddad.

I don't want to end a Thanksgiving post on such a sad note. So I want to give thanks to God that my own father is cancer free, we have a new bundle of joy in the family, I have a wonderful family, and God has blessed me with a wonderful husband to share my life with.


Mimi & Poppy said...

What a sweet post. I am thankful for all those things as well -- and for you, my sweet Lindsay.

Future Uncle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!