Wow, I finally get to take a breath. This week has been really busy at work. We had a lot of deadlines to meet which made me have to work at times of the day I would much rather be watching reality TV or the Mavs! But I just mailed off the packages to the client so I am DONE! Well, done with that project.

Now to address Justin's blog. I do actually hunt for Indians (that's Indians with a helmet not with a feather). However, I am really looking for businesses located on Indian reservations. I have an atlas at work just for this purpose. Sorry Aunt Carey, you can not save taxes by finding Indians. Which is actually too bad because I often have to call Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale looking for these guys so you are in prime spotting area.

Another interesting note from my Indian hunting for all you Nevada Walker's. Did you know there is a Walker River Indian Reservation near Reno. I know that is really no where near ya'll but I think of each of you every time I am looking in Nevada for Indian land!

P.S. Sorry Justin! It is probably sacrilege to even have this picture on my blog. But at least I don't worship Satan.


Justin S. Ward said...

Well at least it's not a picture of Joe Thiesman..

Aaron, Kara, and Walker said...

Indians, huh? I've always known that that part of the country was good Indian chasing land. Of course, I got my information from Zane Grey novels!

Mimi & Poppy said...

You know I was raised on a reservation. Okay, I lived in Gallup, NM for a few months when I was three. But I did learn a song to the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Do you remember -- Jesus loves the little Indians?
How was the lemon pie?