No News is Good News

It has been a relatively calm week in the lives of the Ward's. We went Christmas shopping this weekend. Look out, there are some great gifts coming your way! I also test drove a 4runner. It is a really nice car and I can't wait to get one. Today is a pretty good day. I mean after all I am wearing jeans and a fleece.

We went to have sushi last night with Lindsay at a place called Sushi Zushi near Oaklawn. It was very good and I recommend it to any sushi fan! I tried a new one called a Jalopeno roll with squid in it. Who knew I like squid. We also had a rainbow roll (see above).

We are going to a white elephant gift exchange for my office on Saturday. Any suggestions regarding gifts are welcomed (well, almost any...Crazy Uncle, please remember this is at the boss's house).

Things I love about Dallas in the 2000's (sorry I wasn't around for '70's Dallas)

the Cowboys
the Mav's
too many malls to count
Primo's, Mattito's and all the other Tex Mex joints
family near by
beautiful downtown and the ball
did I already mention the shopping??

Peace out :)


Mimi & Poppy said...

Dallas is great, isn't it? I have to confess, I like the ball too -- and the green building.

Future Uncle said...

I figured that you had updated. I saw your comments on alot of other blogs. I must say that I don't get into sushi. Whether it is rainbow flavored or other.

BrendaW said...

Okay so if I have never had sushi and am a little intimdated to try what would you reccomend I try? I don't think that we have a sushi resturant here though.

Zachary said...

We do have a sushi place, but don't tell Brenda cause I don't want to try it!!!

carealot said...

You forgot to mention Sushi on the things you like about Dallas in the 2000s. In the 70s we just called it raw fish. Just kidding. I actually love sushi. We go out for sushi alot. (Which is really daring in Phoenix, how do you keep fish fresh here?)