I know what everyone is thinking....Why should I read this if she is going to be so lax on updating? Let me give you a reason.

After speaking with our apartment, they informed us that there was quite extensive damage and it would take a while to repair. They found us another apartment in the complex. We went to see this apartment and it made me cry. I tried not to but I couldn't hold it in. Our complex is four buildings next to the highway. Our old building was away from the highway. The one they wanted us to move into was on the third level, next to and level with the highway. On top of that, there were three windows (kitchen, 2 living room) facing the highway. It felt like you were living on the highway. So, they found us another apartment on a different property that they own. They own about 9 properties in the area. Our new apartment is a few blocks from the other one and most importantly not on the highway. Plus it is even closer to WalMart :)

So we finally got all settled and moved in. It was a real whirl wind. Now if that isn't a good enough reason, remember how often the other Dallas members WBI update. In comparison, I'm not that bad.

I haven't started on the work project yet. In fact, it doesn't look like I will get to at all. They over staffed to ensure they had enough people and now they have too many. It seems a waste after I went through training and everything. Plus, I was really looking forward to it.


Auntie Eisel said...

Don't worry Lindsay, I haven't given up on reading yours yet!! You update way more often than a lot of the others. The whole appartment thing sounds like a bummer. I'm glad you finally found a place that works though!

Zachary said...

New apartment, same old job! Sounds like at you're having the time of your life! Glad they got you off the highway though. I hate trying to sleep when there's lots of noise!

Grand and Grander said...

Hi there my sweet granddaughter,
I just put a comment on and I don't know if it took or not, so will do it again, Sorry about the water damage to you cute apartment, thats sad but glad you were able to get another one, hope it is like your other one, well it can't be as cut cause you had done so much to it.
I know it was a big job to move etc.
Sure would love to see you and hug your neck. Why don't you come see us some weekend?
Sure do love you a bunch,
Grandmommy & Granddaddy

Future Uncle said...

As a matter of fact, I was wondering about your updating. We're pretty close to a highway and live close to a Wal-Mart. I guess it's really a state road though.

CrazyUncle said...

Sorry about your job and your apt. Happy about Wal-Mart and a blog posting. Mediocre about you slamming the other Big-D bloggers. You don't see me slamming all these slackers out here like Leigh, Paul, Jay, Kyle, and Carey (a little bit), do you? No, I'm a Christian.