The Babies Were Here

The baby doves hatched last week! I just saw them on Friday but I think they were hatched earlier in the week. Ellie (the mom) has been real puffed up all week and once I saw something (foot or baby??) underneath her. Then Friday morning I looked out and saw two baby doves. I was so excited! But then when I got home from work they were gone. Justin said he saw them perched on the edge of the balcony. So we assumed they learned how to fly and have left the nest. Now we just have a nest. I guess I need to trash it :( I am sad they are gone. It was fun watching them.

So cute....
But not as cute as Walker and Bella!!

The grandparents were in town this weekend. It was great to see you guys!

New addition. Copied from my friend's blog.

Woo-Hoo: Only 2 days, 23 hours, and 9 mins until we board the plane to Italy!!!
Boo: Lots of packing and laundry to do before then!


Zachary said...

Wow, I read this right after you posted! Cool baby doves, sorry they flew the coop! Hope you have a great time in Italy!

Grand and Grander said...

Shuck,I was hopeing the doves would stay awhile.
Can we go along and just carry your bags?
love ya bunches

Auntie Eisel said...

How cute! Itali? Sounds fun!! Congrats.

Future Uncle said...

I didn't realize that your trip was so soon. Time gets away from me these days. That's cool and a bummer about the doves.