Some of you may have noticed my link already but if you click on the little icon in the upper right corner of my blog, it will take you to my on-line Italy photo album. I just uploaded my remaining pictures (mostly of Rome) today! Here are a few of my favorites:

Trevi Fountain. We threw 1 coin in to ensure a return trip to Rome! If you throw in two, you will find love in Rome. If you throw in three, you are wishing for a divorce. Me in Venice! This was the first day I had my clothes back so I wore my cutest outfit. Brand new for the trip!
Harbor on Isle of Capri. We took a boat over from Sorrento.

The Amalfi coast! This was the beautiful view of the town out of our hotel window!

Woo-Hoo: I had a great run this morning on a new route. I found a web page that lets you map out a route in any neighborhood and gives you mileage!

Boo: No Amazing Race tonight. I guess I can wait until tomorrow. At least Gilmore is new.


CrazyUncle said...

Thanks for the pics. I noticed that the screen in the theater in Pompeii was washed out in the photo, so I could not see which movie it was. And that dark photo doesn't look anything like the same citrus drink here in the US. Oh well, I was never much of a Fresca fan anyway.

BrendaW said...

Cute pictures. I did look through them but now I guess I will have to go back and look again. You know you could do a cute scrapbook with those pictures. There are great stores there in dallas

Zachary said...

That is a beautiful coast line! The weather looks like it was quite nice aswell! I am glad y'all got to go do that!

Auntie Eisel said...

Great pictures!!

Future Uncle said...

I'm glad that y'all got to go.

Grand and Grander said...

lINDSAY, Your pics are great, how
wonderful that you two got to go to Italy. We love you, come see us
we need to see if you look more