Fort Worth View

So I am starting on my new projects at work this week. I am in Fort Worth today and tomorrow working in the E&Y office over here. It isn't too bad. No traffic on the way but it still took 45 minutes. I have a window cube with a view of the court house and trinity river. The trinity actually has water over here! I learned alot today and met some nice people. We got to walk to Mi Cocina for lunch. Yum! On Friday, I am going to Waco to meet the Curves people with Brian Marr. I am going to be taking over the project for Brian.

On a fun note, tonight is the Mavs game. This could be it!! Then on Thursday we are running in the Katy Trail 5K. It is at 6:30 and then there is a block party afterwards. Justin, me, his friend Jeff, and his girlfriend Sandy are all running.


CrazyUncle said...

Good luck to your Mavs in the game tonight. Hopefully, they can pull throuhg better than the Suns are trying to do.

Isn't it hot to be running at 6:30? It is so hot here (How hot is it?). It's so hot I don't even like running water at 6:30. (Cue the cymbals).