Let's Go Dirk!

So I was a big whiney baby! It turned out not to be that bad. I went to the recruiting event and was sure to tell everyone it was my anniversary. So when I decided to slip out at halftime of the game, everyone was very understanding. I was out in Plano so it took about 30 minutes to get back downtown but I got to watch the fourth quarter and overtime with Justin! It was quite a victory! We had already techinically celebrated anyway. Justin took me to Ama Lur at the Gaylord Texan Resort on Sunday. We had fun exploring the hotel and then had a romantic dinner. I took some pictures but I don't have my camara with me so maybe I'll post them later (if you're lucky).

I forgot to update everyone on our 5K. It ended up being me, Justin, Jeff, Sandy, Paul, and Lindsay. Everyone finished and we had a blast! I improved my time from the last run so I was happy especially since it was after work and a humid 92 degrees.

In case your wondering, my title has nothing to do with my post. I'm just cheering on the big German!

Woo-Hoo: We get to watch the Mavs tonight! Plus, Lost season finale is on so we'll get to watch that another night when nothing is on.

Boo: I am out at a client today with nothing to do! Boring!


CrazyUncle said...

Go Steve. That has nothing to do with your post, either. I'm just cheering on a small Canadian. I'm glad you enjoyed your romantic dinner. I've never been a fan of low-light eating places. And Kathie only occasionally feeds me.

A Wheeler said...

I am torn on who to root for. I mean I do live in TX but I grew up in PHX. I'll probably root for the Mavs b/c I think people at my work would kill me if I ever sd "Go Suns". Sounds like your aniversary dinner was nice.

Zachary said...

Anniversaries are great! Brenda and I are waiting to celebrate until we come to Texas and then we are going to go to Papadeaux!!! Very exciting!

Aaron, Kara, and Walker said...

We've been thinking about going out to the Gaylord. It sounds like it was pretty cool. Did you see Walker swimming? We'll all have to go over there soon so you can see him swim in real life!