Killing Time

The verdict is in...I'm a blog slacker. Plus I don't have any excuses like some people who blame it on the lack of anything interesting going on or the need for a Bella fix. I'm sitting in the office on Friday afternoon just waiting for it to be time to go home. I only had to work two days this week and there is almost no one in the office. So I finally got caught up at work and even got my desk cleaned up! When I am too busy, the papers and files just pile up.

We had a great fourth of July weekend. We got sunburned at the pool but had fun doing it! We went to see fireworks on the 3rd but they were very short because it got rained out. We went over to my parents on the 4th and had hamburgers and went swimming.

Tonight we are going to the Taste of Dallas. It is right down the street in the West End and features restaurants from all over Dallas. Happy Friday all! I am going to do my time (No smart-aleck comments please. I meant my timesheet.) and then get out of here!

Boo: I hate doing my time :(
Woo-Hoo: I love the weekend!


Future Uncle said...

Do you ever do a Boo-Woo? And only a Hoo? Think about that next time and have a good weekend.

Auntie Eisel said...

We'll let the "no excuse" slide.... this time. I'm glad you had a fun fourth, and happy weekend!!!

Mimi & Poppy said...

How was the Taste of Dallas? I imagine it is sort of like Zoo to Do which is so great because you get to taste from all the cool places.