Weekend Review

Last Friday Justin, Lindsay, and I carved pumpkins. Justin did a ghost. I did a fatty batty. And Lindsay did a pirate ship. Aren't they cute?? We had fun carving and cooking pumpkin seeds. Although it did end up taking all night :) We had a fun day on Saturday. I did my long run with the team and it was very nice weather. Later we went to play Top Golf which is a driving range with electronic balls and games. Click here to see what it is. Then we went to a party at one of the partner's houses. He lives outside of Rockwall basically in the forest. It is a nice home and he had a campfire in his back yard! He also has a pool and a basketball court. On Sunday, we worked at a beverage tent at the Fort Worth Airshow raising money for TNT. It was hard work! Justin and I alone sold 1,200 soft drinks and beers. Hopefully, we will make some money off of it for my fundraising account. The team had 11 booths (food and beverage) on Saturday and Sunday. We collected $3,000 in tips alone and the team also gets a percentage of sales. The airshow was pretty cool. There were tons of airplanes and helicopters that you could tour and then lots of airshows and the blue angels. We definitely want to take Walker in the next few years. He would have loved it! Enjoy the pics.

When we ask Walker what that was, he said corn and then tried to take a bite!

Lindsay's pirate pumpkin

All the pumpkins

Fatty Batty and Ghost in a Window


Brenda said...

Cute pumpkins!! I can't decide what to make with Emily's little pumpkin.

Aaron, Kara, Walker, and Sophie June said...

Okay, so, did you get the pumpkin carving kit with patterns, because those looked familiar. Awesome pirate! I especially like the pic of me doing my retard impression?

Zachary said...

So, was Lindsay referring to herself in the third person or what?? I am guessing that she typed this, but I just can't figure it out. Maybe there was another Lindsay???? Nice pumpkins by the way!

CrazyUncle said...

Lindsay, I hesitate to say you've got nice pumpkins, but I will. Pirate ship wins for me.

Kara, are you sure that's really just an impression?