Fishing and Rangers

Justin and I went fishing this evening. We caught 9 fish...which isn't the record for this spot. One night we caught over 15. All of the catches have been large mouth bass except for one crappie and one perch. Here are some pictures that show just how much I like to touch the fish. Haha...I did touch the scales and tail of some tonight.

We had a nice weekend overall. We got to go to the Ranger's game Friday night and sit in the EY suite. It was nice weather and we had a fun time although the Ranger's lost badly. Then Saturday night, we watched the Cowboy's and saw Michael Phelps win his 8th gold. I am watching the women's gymnastics event finals now and tweaking my blog formatting.


Brenda said...

Your blog still looks good on my browser.
Glad you had fun fishing. I like to fish but I always make my brother in law take it off the hook. That part just grosses me out.

Caleb said...

I like to fish, but I don't really like the whole part of touching, smelling, or eating the fish. Your blog looks better from my end. The background picture covers the whole blog now.