The Saddest Day of the Year

We had a great 3 day Christmas celebration! On Christmas Eve, we spent the morning over at my parent's house. We opened presents, ate, played games, and took pictures.

Sophie June got a pink fuzzy jacket.

Walker got a Santa costume and a reindeer nose.

There were many other gifts but those are the cutest :) Granddaddy enjoyed watching SJ push her new stroller with her Cabbage Patch doll.

We went to the Christmas Eve service at Kara and Aaron's church and then had dinner at their house. Again, the cutest part of the evening was SJ and Walker.

Christmas morning, the Ward family came over to our house. We opened more presents, ate, played Rock Band, and played Pictionary Man. I promised Susan I would post this video of the best band of the day.

Justin and I got a new TV for Christmas...a 52 inch Panasonic plasma screen! It is a pretty cool addition to our living room :) Thank you Susan, Kelly, Grandma, and Papaw. We are enjoying it right now!

This evening, we had my family over to our house for dinner. We played Pictionary Man mom LOVED it! No pics from tonight.

To explain the title, Walker was very sad today that Christmas was over. So we all thought back to when we were kids and remembered how sad it was the day after Christmas and knowing that you had to wait 12 whole months for it to come again. I get a bonus isn't so sad when you still have 9 days until you have to go back to work.


CrazyUncle said...

No sound on the video? Maybe it's just my system?

Also, what's with the dude turning his back on one of your photos. The nerve of some people, huh?

OK, 12 months until I comment on your Christmas photos again.

Happy New Year.