Thanksgiving Report...Better Late than Never :)

We had a great Thanksgiving break with the Walker's and the Ward's. We spent Thanksgiving day at my parent's house. Walker wore his Cowboy's uniform most of the day. He was so cute and wanted to play and watch football with his Uncle Justin. Cute Walker line....Justin yelled T.O. you're awesome!...Walker said, what's a TO? Yes, too cute :) Click on the upside down picture of Walker to make it larger. His eyes look really pretty with the picture enlarged. He had just hiked the ball.

Here he is showing me his Tony Romo bandaid.

Here he is in his full uniform.

And just so you know Walker wasn't the only one there, here is Grandmommy, me, and Kara in our Thanksgiving orange.

We spent Friday and Saturday in east Texas with Justin's family. Everyone was there including Amanda and Josh and Billy, Neil, and their girls from out of town. We had fun fishing, hunting (some of us), sitting around the campfire, and making smores. Yes, it is okay to make smores before lunch if you are bored. It rained the day we got there so it was really muddy. Bright spot...I got to wear these cute pink boots the whole time.

On Sunday we got all our Christmas decorations up. We put lights on the house and the tree outside. We got our tree up inside...the Ward's gave us their old fake tree and it looks great. Here are some pics of the house.


CrazyUncle said...

Couldn't you have taken the photo of the stockings from some angle that would not display your wine cabinet in the back?

Nice boots, by the way.