Lab Rat Lindsay

First...scroll down and read my post on St. Patty's Day. Yes, I am being very ambitious today and posting twice. Mostly b/c I had almost finished the St. Patty's post yesterday but hadn't finished getting the pictures uploaded.

I went to Scottish Rite hospital this morning to participate in a research study on scoliosis. That is the hospital I had my 2 surgeries in. They did 2 x-rays and then an exam. The exam was mostly measuring my range of motion in my back. Nothing too exciting but this is the second study I have been a part of. It is kind of cool to get to contribute to a study that could yield new and improved treatments or even a cure. Especially since scoliosis is hereditary so my children have a good chance of having it. The doctor said I was doing well. That is another good thing about the studies. If they see something that should be looked into, they will let you know and refer you to a specialist. Did I tell you guys about giving a sample of my DNA? I can't remember but I guess I have been in 3 research studies, two at Scottish Rite and one that I contributed a saliva sample. They are using the DNA to try and isolate the gene that causes scoliosis.


The Grandparents said...

They don't plan to clone you, do they? I mean, not that that would be bad or anything. Just wondering.

Zachary Walker said...

More than two Lindsays in the family, we already have too many. I am going to have to disagree with the grands and say "Please don't let them clone you!". Haven't you seen "The Sixth Day"?

Kyle and Marci said...

We will indeed be at the basketball game tomorrow. You should text me when you get there and we can meet up...254-722-7018