Baseball and Twilight

This Sunday, Justin and I got to go to a Texas Rangers charity event. E&Y bought a table and my friend Karen invited Justin and I to attend. We had a great time! Justin was sooo excited to go and even more excited once we got there and he started literally bumping into Rangers as we walked around looking at the silent auction items. I think his favorite moment was saying "hi" to Gary Pettis as he walked by. We had dinner and Tom Grieve, the voice of the Texas Rangers, and Andruw Jones sat at our table with us. The Rangers starred in some game show skits on stage as we enjoyed dinner. I got autograph's from Michael Young, Andruw Jones, CJ Wilson, and Saltalamacchia. I got Salty's for Ashley...although I meant to get Hamilton's. They look similar...both have curly hair :) I hope she likes it anyway since it is addressed to Ashley! It was very fun event and Justin is still talking about it!

In other news, I finished the Twilight Saga, sigh. I even read the partially finished draft of Midnight Sun posted on the author's website. It is the first book but through Edward's perspective. Luckily, I do have the 2nd movie to look forward to coming in November.

I'm not sure what is so enticing about these books and what has almost every woman in the world captivated. But my theory is that the author really brings to life the feelings of falling in love. When you read it, you get the same sensations which is truely something everyone wants to experience. So for those of us older, married, Twilighters, the draw is remembering how we felt all those years ago and experiencing it through Bella's story all over again.

That brings me to a good point, all those years ago will be exactly 5 years this Friday for Justin and me. Although, I guess I fell in love with him 2 years before that :) It is funny to recall my feelings those first few months we dated. I remember not wanting to be away from him and thinking he was really hot. I guess it is also funny to think of my feelings now. I still miss him even when I am just at work for the day. 10 or so hours feels like a long time sometimes. So although it is fun to remember and to read about falling in love, I am proud to be where we are in our relationship today. He is the only person I never want to be away from even 5 years later. Wow, I'm not normally that emotional on my blog....Twilight brings it out in me!


CrazyUncle said...

I'm glad you are still in love. Psychologically, though, what does it say that each of you is running separately?

NEWBIE said...

I'm not really a nice person when i am running. We run apart so that she continues to love me.

NEWBIE said...

I love you to. I will blog about my love for you on our actual anniversery( I don't know how to spell it but I know the date, YEAH ME!)

Alison said...

I loved those books and was so sad when they ended. I can't wait for the next movie to come out though. I am interested in how it will all come together on the screen.

The Sparkmans said...

Hey got new stuff on our blog check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss You all.