Library Thing

So I found this new website this week called Library Thing. I love to read especially during the summer when there are no good shows on TV to distract me. But I always have trouble picking books. My main method of choosing my next read is to go to Half Price Books and browse the fiction section until a cover or title catches my attention. That is not always the best method for finding books you really enjoy. Well, Library Thing allows you to input books that you have read and then it comes up with automatic reading recommendations as well as user recommendations. You can also review and rate your books as well as read other peoples reviews and there are lots of discussion forums if you like that kind of thing. I think it is a great idea and on my list of recommendations there are many I am going to check out! The link above takes you to my Library Thing homepage. The new widget on the side bar also takes you there and displays the covers of my books...cute :)


Brenda W said...

that is a fabulous idea. Thanks for the tip

Keith said...

My Library Thing is called Caleb. Whenever I need something to read (other than my normal overwhelming stack of "to-read" books on my desk), I just mention it to him and he automatically comes up with a prime recommendation and several additional options.

As for his most recent recommendations, anyone who has seen his blog lately already knows what the Library Thing is currently promoting.

CrazyUncle said...

I think you meant Liberry Thang, right? Yeah, that sounds gooder. I will have to check that site out, although I struggle with chapter books.