My New Non-Shoes

My dedicated followers will recall that a few days ago I posted a picture of my anniversary present on facebook. It solicited quite a few comments/questions. So this post is to explain the gift as well as announce some exciting news (not too fact maybe only exciting to me). I went to Sun & Ski Sports on Saturday with my wonderful husband of 6 years to pick out my anniversary gift. As a side note, we picked up Justin's present later in the day...a new official AVP volleyball as his was launched over the fence at volleyball a couple of weeks ago and became a casualty of the Trinity River. I got Vibram Five Fingers Sprints as pictured below.

I have been pining after these non-shoes since at least my birthday back in September so I was very excited to finally have a pair in hand. However, they were not the exact pair I wanted but they were the only pair in my size. While trying them on, the sales clerk mentioned that Vibram was coming out with a new kind of five fingers designed specifically for distance running. I was interested in this new kind but thought it had not been released yet. Upon checking the website when I got home, I discovered that not only had the new style been released, it was available at a local running store. So on Monday, I stopped by Luke's Locker and tried on the new style, the Bikila. They are so cool (pictured below) and designed for distance running which is exactly what I plan on using them for!

There are three main features the Bikila has over the Sprint that I am excited about. First, they come up to cover the top of the foot and keep debris out. Second, they have a slightly padded heel that should help prevent blisters. Third, they are designed for running!

Now for a little background....I hate shoes. Yes, most all shoes especially every pair of running shoes I have ever owned which is actually rare for a runner. Most runners have a go to brand and style that they love. I have never found a pair that doesn't cause pain in my left foot on the left outer edge. I think it may have something to do with my Scoliosis and the fact that I "twist" more to my left when running. But whatever the reason, the pain has caused me to seek alternative solutions...thus my interest in barefoot running. Back in the fall, I tried actual barefoot running. But, surprise, I'm a wimp and it was painful. Plus I am a little prissy, ok maybe a lot prissy, and it made my feet dirty and calloused. But I was interested in not having to wear shoes and the benefits praised by barefoot enthusiasts. Thus the Five Fingers. They provide most of the benefits of barefoot running while also supplying a layer of protection between you and the ground thus eliminating the dirt and callouses! If you are still reading, you may be interested so here is a link to the website if you want to learn more. I am going to run in them for the first time tomorrow morning and will report back!


CrazyUncle said...

I look forward to hearing how these work for you. I checked the website and they don't seem like my solution to walking from the couch to the refrigerator. Thanks for sharing, though.