Ford's Birthday - June 6th

My mobile blogger has not been working very well. I submitted my picture post via blackberry 3 times yesterday and none of them went through. I have also been having trouble with my wireless Internet at home. I spend alot less time on my computer (and alot more time watching bad summer television) when I have to go into the study to use the Internet. All that to say, I am at work now and just now getting around to posting my June 6th pic. I am going to start labeling my pics with days so I don't get confused in case I keep having technical difficulties.

Ford's 1st birthday is today. We celebrated this weekend. Here is a pic of his cake that he did not get to enjoy (although the rest of us did). Ford did get to dig into his very own cupcake at his party. I will post some pics of the party soon. I was the official photographer but used Kara's camera (mine was out of battery) so I will have to wait until she puts some on her Walgreen's site.

Funny side story...this cake originally said Happy 1st Birthday Sword. The decorator really thought the baby's name was Sword. That is a sad commentary on the baby name choices of my generation.


CrazyUncle said...

Happy birthday to Ferd, Oops, I must have misunderstood you. Happy birthday, FORD.