The Morris's - June 9th

I forgot to take a pic at small group last night and therefore have no picture to post from yesterday. So instead I decided to post some pics of my sister's family since people in the blog world don't get to see alot of them. Theses pics are from Aaron's sisters wedding as well as some shots from Ford's birthday. Aren't they a good looking group? Little Sophie June is just like her Aunt Lindsay. When she put on her beautiful flower girl dress she said "I a cake". For those of you who don't know, I spent a good portion of my childhood arranging my dresses and night gowns around me to make them look like a cake. Odd I know.

You can see more of the Morris's at

Ford unwrapping on of his many gifts.

Ford enjoying his cupcake.

Look at those cute little legs.

Walker and Aaron

Walker and Sophie

The Morris Family


Anonymous said...

Aww they are all cute! Yeah it was me ALlie and will post what I'm up to but I'm not up to much anymore these days.

CrazyUncle said...

Good photo of the fam. Thanks.