Project June

I have decided to do a little project during June. I am going to attempt to post one picture every day. Alot of people in the blog world do this during December. But since December is already so busy, I thought a nice calm June would be easier. I have hooked up my blog to mobile blogger. I haven't tried it out yet but I think I can simply email a picture with a short description and blogger will automatically update my blog. So I should be able to snap a pic on my blackberry and email it to my blog in a matter of minutes. So hopefully, I can take a minute or two each day to take a picture documenting my life in June.

So to get this off to an exciting start....

Here are two pics of my Scentsy candle my grandmom sent me that I am enjoying smelling tonight while working. Something about a long weekend off makes for long hours the next week. The Scentsy is a plug in night light that melts fun smelling wax while it lights up your room. You can reuse the wax over and over or replace it with a new scent whenever you want.


CrazyUncle said...

Are you saying that this electric candle is the best thing about June so far? When people ask about how you are, you say "I'm great because I have a Scentsy." But wait. There's more! It's also a nightlight. OK, I get it now. Enjoy your "fun smelling" wax.