Sophie June - June 22nd

How could this not be my picture of the day?? How cute is she? And don't worry, she knows it! Funny story about that tiara. SJ loves her big brother so much she always wants to do exactly what he does. So while the kids were staying at my mom's, if they behaved all day they got to choose a treasure from the treasure chest. On Friday, I helped them choose out their prize. Walker choose a sticky hand...and so did SJ. Then I put the tiara on SJ's head and she lite up with the biggest smile. Then she saw Walker choose a sheriff's badge. She immediately ask for the badge and switched it for the tiara. Looks like she got the tiara another day!


CrazyUncle said...

Hey, I behaved with Denise for a whole week and I did not get anything from her treasure chest. Next time, she'd better watch out.