Free Coupons - July 10th

Any true couponer is always looking for a way to get those coveted coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper for less then the $3 it costs to actually buy the paper. I, for example, have my mom save her coupons for me and then buy 1 paper so I get two sets of inserts each week. I found a discounted Dallas Morning News subscription for Sunday only delivery for $8.48 a month and was about to bite the bullet and subscribe when I found it...The Briefing. On a fellow Dallas couponers blog, I saw mention that the Saturday edition of the Spanish edition and The Briefing both contain the coupon inserts that normally come in the Sunday edition. Best part...both are free. I looked on The Briefing website and signed up to get free delivery Wednesday through Saturday. But nothing came. I wasn't too surprised as the website said delivery was only available in certain areas of the metroplex. So I tried to find the Spanish edition but that involved visiting gas stations in the area south of our house we try to pretend doesn't exist. Then on my run last week I noticed The Briefing laying on the sidewalk in front of my neighbors house! I was so excited! As soon as I got home, I logged on and reapplied to have free home delivery of The Briefing. Only a few days later, we walked out to leave for work and there it was, the Wednesday edition of The Briefing! By now you can probably all guess what was laying on my lawn when I got home from my run today...that's right...the Saturday edition of The Briefing! I ran inside and opened it up and it was true...there were my two coupon inserts...for FREE!! It is a couponers dream come true! Plus The Briefing is actually pretty cool. It is a brief version of the Dallas Morning News. So basically a one section newspaper covering all the main stories.


CrazyUncle said...

Uh oh. I hope those coupons aren't only for places in that unmentionable section of town south of you. Yep, nothing like decuentos for jabon, huh?

Anonymous said...

It's Alison. I can't remember my password again. Plus my Dad is using my computer since his broke and he is always logged in.

I love getting coupons. I try to snag them from the G-Parents whenever I can. Have you seen I'm not very good at using it yet but it seems to always have good coupons.

Lauren Roberson said...

i can't believe i didn't know about this!! i am going to go sign up right now, so please ignore the fact that i am supposed to be working :)