Cottonwood and Biscuits- October 3rd

We made a stop at the semi-annual Cottonwood Art Festival down the street from our house today. The weather was perfect and we had a fun time looking at all the art vendors. I also made biscuits for dinner. We didn't have much to eat in the house so I suggested biscuits. Of course Justin didn't want them b/c you know how much he loves homemade biscuits. So I tried a new recipe called Buttermilk Biscuits (and added extra sugar). I also cut the biscuits in the shape of stars (for the 'boys!). Justin said he liked this batch of biscuits. But I'm not sure if he felt like he had to say that or if he actually liked them! Either way, he ate them lathered up in homemade jam!

The fluffy, white dog at Cottonwood that I wanted to take home (kinda)!

Cottonwood Art Festival

Cottonwood Art Festival

Cowboy Biscuits


Brenda Walker said...

the biscuits look very cute as stars! They also look yummy. I have never made biscuits before maybe I should try it!