EY Connect Day - September 30th

Today was EY Connect Day which is basically a firm-wide service day. We had the opportunity to participate in a number of service projects around the metroplex from 8 -noon. Then if you participated, you got the rest of the day off. If you didn't participate, you had to work all day. I was a project leader and our project was landscaping an elementary school. Luckily, the organization we worked with (Pride in our Neighborhoods) worked out all the details. All I really did was organize the people and show up. We planted a hedge and two flower beds. Some 4th and 5th grade students got to help us and a kindergarten class came out and watched. All my friends signed up for my project and we had a fun time working together! However, there was only one guy on our team! I basically dug holes the entire time so I was exhausted! I thought I was bad with a shovel but turns out I am better than most girls :) I got this blister on my hand through my work gloves so you know I worked hard! I thought this day was a great alternative to our traditional activities day.