Rainy Day Fun - September 25th

We were going to go to Arlington today for Justin to play football with some of his old high school buddies. However, we woke up to torrential down pours forecasted to last most of the day! My group even cancelled our long run. So instead, I ran 8 miles by myself in the rain...at least I had my non-shoes :) Then Kristen and Josh came over and we went to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center downtown. It was national museum day so we got into both for free. We also went to Roly Poly (Kristen and Josh first met at the one in Lubbock). I had no clue they served all wraps...go figure. Then we all went back to our house to watch the Baylor v Rice game. That game was in Houston but it got rain delayed for about an hour and a half. So while we waited, Kristen and I made some delicious Oreo cupcakes. I don't want to brag...but numerous people said they may be the best cupcakes they had ever tasted! Here is a link to the recipe.

My husband, the hood rat, at the Nasher

The Nasher

Delicious Oreo Cupcakes


Brenda Walker said...

I love oreo's! I may have to try that recipe! Thanks for posting the recipe!

CrazyUncle said...

I'd rather be a gnasher with cupcakes than a person at the Nasher Museum.