San Antonio - November 13th - 15th

On Saturday we headed down to San Antonio with my parents. On the way, we ate at Stubbs in Austin for lunch. When we arrived in San Antonio, we drove straight to the marathon expo to pick up our packets. I got a cute new running top and we both got our numbers for the half marathon. We stayed at the Omni La Mansion del Rio on the riverwalk. That evening we had dinner on the riverwalk and watched the Baylor v A&M game. Unfortunately, the Bears lost.

The next morning we got up early and walked to the start line of the race. It was an overcast day with a high of only about great running weather. I had a good race and finished in 2:22! I can thank my time to the fact that I miscalculated my finish time based on my average pace about half way through the race and decided I needed to speed up to finish in a respectable time. Well, due to the miscalculation...I finished in a pretty good time for me. Justin and I had registered for the full marathon a few months before and so we had full marathon bibs on. When I crossed the finish line, they gave me a full marathon medal. I tried to talk them into letting me switch for a half medal since that is the race I ran but to no avail! I told Justin I tried to switch and he responded, "why on earth would you do that!" He loved having the full marathon medal. I felt guilty for having it and even explained to a couple of people who ask my time why I had the wrong medal!

After the race, we showered quickly and headed to lunch at Chris Madrid's, a famous San Antonio burger joint. We drove about 10 minutes to get there only to discover it was closed on Sundays! So we had to adjust our plans and used the iphone to locate another recommended burger joint (Longhorn). We were starving by the time we finally got there but the chicken fried steak sandwich was delicious!

Then we headed to El Mercado and walked around for a while. My mom could not get enough of the restaurant Mi Tierra all decorated for Christmas and we watched some of the Cowboys game there. That evening we had dinner on the riverwalk again. The next morning we had a fun breakfast at the hotel and then visited the Alamo before packing up for home. We stopped at the outlets in San Marcus for a little while and Mommy and I got to go to the Vera Bradley outlet which was amazing! We topped off the weekend with lunch at Bush's Chicken (one of our college favorites).

On the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk

The Fam in Front of the Alamo

Ignore my father and look at the decorations in Mi Tierra

Walking back to the hotel after the race
Posing Post-Race

The Starting line!


CrazyUncle said...

I do not understand why there was a fight at the Alamo years ago. There is obviously a chain fence in front, so no one should have been able to get in.

CrazyUncle said...

And another thing. What kind of a daughter are you telling me to ignore your father? Sure, I do that anyway, but you shouldn't say such things.

CrazyUncle said...

Finally, I am sorry that you had to wear that raggedy sweater in the first photo. Maybe you'll get a new one for Christmas. At least, you might if you quit ignoring your father.

Zachary said...

I must say, your father was by far the most entertaining portion of that picture! And I laughed at Uncle R's comment about your sweater.