Top 10 of 2010

This year has been a little rough on Justin, myself, and our family. One thing I am thankful for is that Papaw is home and recovering from his stroke that put him in ICU about a month before Thanksgiving. I didn't think this should make my top 10 list (since it is not really a good thing) but we are thankful that he is with us and still making progress in his recovery! I thought it would be good for me to look back at some of the many great things that did happen in 2010 as I look forward to a new year in 2011! So here is my top 10 of 2010 in no particular order....

10. Finished my first year as a manager at Ernst & Young and celebrated 5 years with the company!
9. Ran 2 half marathons, watched my husband run 3, and started training for my third full marathon!
8. Enjoyed a week long vacation in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico with my husband!
7. Celebrated 6 years of marriage with my sweetie!
6. Celebrated the birth of a new niece and the engagement of my brother-in-law!
5. Cheered my Baylor Bears on to their first bowl game appearance in 15 years!
4. My grandparents finally moved to Dallas!
3. Started my super couponing adventure (which reminds me, I need to get serious about it again)!
2. Discovered the P90X workout routine, lost some weight, and gained some muscle definition!
1. Enjoyed getting/staying involved in service through our church including small group service projects and New Creations each week.


CrazyUncle said...

You probably just forgot, but I did not see my name in your list. Or maybe I fell down to #11 or #12? I am sure you will remember for your next Top Tem List.