Vacation Day 2 - Corkscrew Gulch to Animas Forks

We really packed it in on Day 2 of our Ouray vacation! My parents arrived the night before and rented their own jeep. They got an open jeep and unfortunately that meant a dusty, hot ride! Granddad also rented a jeep since Randy's had broken down the day before and had to spend some time in the shop. We loaded up early and headed over Corkscrew Gulch. We had a picnic on the way, drove through the snow, and enjoyed conversation with family. Then we took a shorter trail out of Silverton to Animas Forks. Bella and Kendall were very excited to see the "ghost town"! We explored Animas Forks and B&K and I played follow the Lindsay and sang about being rule breakers! Justin was driving Granddad's jeep that day and he really enjoyed the 4x4 roads! However, he did get a flat tire on the way out of Animas Forks. Lyndsay and I were sure to fully document the incident from all angles. On the way back into Silverton, we saw a black bear up on the mountain! I had never seen on in Colorado before and we all took turns watching it through the binos.
 On top of the pass at Corkscrew Gulch.

 Justin hiked up at the pass to get a closer look at this cross.

 Posing at Animas Forks for Crazy Uncle.

 The Big House at Animas Forks.

 Typical Crazy Uncle...anything for a good "water" shot.

 Follow the Lindsay!  We are rule breakers!  I think this one is very Sound of Music!

 The Flat.

We watched this guy buy a 12 pack of Bud Light and strap it on the back of his bike and ride off!


CrazyUncle said...

Nice post, but I LOVE the Sound of Music shot. BTW, I don't think I would do "anything" for a water shot. A lot, yes. Anything? No.