Auckland Day 3

Justin and I sat out today to conquer the apartment dilemma.  We started the morning by calling as many apartments as possible to set up viewings.  However, it did not take long for us to realize that we seriously needed a phone number that people could call us back on.  So we took a break and headed down to Queens Street to get cell phones!  We visited three different cell stores and ended up getting prepaid plans and $59 phones.  You better believe these phones are cool :)  On Justin's plan, he gets a NZ best mate.  We set me up as his NZ best mate which was an easy choice as at the moment I am his only NZ mate.  Visiting cell stores is very different than in the states.  We were able to visit three stores getting only the information on prepaid and cheap monthly plans within probably 15 minutes! 

We were able to set up four viewings for today and have only one more apartment we are wanting to see.  I think we are going to go ahead and apply for the best apartment we saw today.  Although true to my nature, I am having trouble committing with such a short decision making period!  The apartment has everything on our "must" list but is smaller than we were hoping. 

As we were setting up viewings, one agent said he could meet us at 12:30 and I said yes without looking at the was 12:10.  We rushed out the door with directions written down but couldn't find the second turn!  So we headed in the right direction and hoped for the best.  About half way there, the agent called and said he would wait for a few minutes but to walk as fast as we could.  After a few calls to Dennis (the agent), we made it to the viewing.  We didn't have time to go back to our apartment between any of the remaining viewings.  We were completely exhausted by 5:30! 

I start work tomorrow but at least I know who to meet and where!


CrazyUncle said...

It is true that you are his NZ Best Mate, but a little worrisome about the way your noted that in your post. "... which was an easy choice as at the moment I am his only NZ mate." What, are you expecting him to choose someone else at some point? LWW, what am I going to do with you?

Good luck on your first day at work. I remember how weird it was my first day of work in a new country and a new culture. Familiar, yet different.

Grandaddy said...

Praying the apartment works out well. Glad you know who to see at workl Love u