One Month in Auckland

I guess I should not brag about my frequent updates because evidently it throws me off.  Alot has happened since my last post but I'll just hit the highlights.  In the past two weeks I...
  • Experienced the stressful, hassle-ful task of attempting to transfer money from a US bank account to an international account in order to withdraw said money and hand it over in exchange for a car on a limited time frame.  It sounds relatively easy but believe me it is not.  Let's just say it ended with Justin and I both visiting the ATM every day to withdraw up to the maximum daily limit. 
  • Had dessert and drinks with a couple that I met through the blog world.  Jenny writes a blog to chronicle her daily life but also help expats and expat hopefuls through common questions and experiences.  Turns out she is living in Auckland only a short walk from our place.  Funny story...we were meeting over at Jenny's place and I carefully mapped where her apartment is and got directions from our corporate apartment.  We walked over and I didn't realize until we walked up to the building door that I had no clue what apartment number they live in.  I also did not have Jenny's phone number with me as it was saved in my work email which I can't access outside of the office (still trying to get used to that!).  So we walked back to our apartment and I emailed Jenny.  Luckily, Jenny got my email and called right away.  So we walked back over and enjoyed a traditional Kiwi dessert, pavlova, and some conversation! 
  • Rented a car to move our luggage from our corporate apartment to our new apartment on Princes Wharf and also look for a car to purchase.  We found a 2003 Volvo V40 wagon in good shape and for a fair price.  So we agreed to come back the next weekend to pick it up.  We then drove our rent car North of Auckland to Orewa and Shakespeare Regional Park.  We saw some kite surfers and some beautiful views.   Unfortunately, we forgot to charge our camera so we only have iphone photos!

Justin on the beach in Shakespeare Park

Kite Surfers on Orewa Beach

Kite Surfers from Above

Lindsay in Shakespeare Park.  I've already seen several of these picture frames in parks around the area.

  • Ran the Auckland Round the Bays 8K run.  On Sunday morning, Justin and I lined up in the middle of Quay Street (The street we live on and pronounced Key Street.  It took us a little while to figure that one out.) and ran our first race in New Zealand!  The paper reported that over 40,000 people ran that day!  It felt like the Turkey Trot in Dallas in that you really couldn't run so we slowed down and enjoyed the view. 
  • Got settled in our new apartment on Princes Wharf.  We are loving leaving the balcony doors wide open and letting the cool, sea breeze in!  Well, except for during the four consecutive days of rain in the past week.  But I really can't complain since it has been followed by three days and counting of 70 degree, sunny days. 
  • Had take away sushi in the park in front of my office with some of the girls from work (on a non-rainy day).
  • Went to dinner with some of the ladies from the office at the Britomart Country Club. 
  • Picked up our Volvo and then had dinner at a nearby pub, the Occidental.  We really enjoyed our mussels and the atmosphere and will definitely be back!
Our new to us Volvo
  • Rode a bus to visit a church that the couple we had dinner with invited us to.  We enjoyed the service and it was great to have a familiar face there to introduce us!
That brings us to tonight...we are watching TV and observing the cruise ship that is docked on our wharf.  Justin wanted to watch it pull away but we will see if he makes it to the 23:59 departure time.

There is a cruise ship where we normally see the bay!


CrazyUncle said...

Oh yeah. International banking is lots of fun. We certainly did our share of maxing our ATM withdrawals to end up with sufficient funds.

Mmm. Pavlova. That makes my mouth water, No, I have no idea what it is, but it sounds so much like the name Pavlov that my conditioning kicked in. Ha ha.

Thanks for posting today. And I just berated you in my blog for disappearing. Welcome back,