To celebrate ANZAC Day, Justin and I took the ferry to Devonport (again....b/c my husband loves a boat ride!) for a little beach site seeing and biking.  First stop was Cheltenham Beach a short ride from the ferry stop.  We laid on the beach for a little while reading and observing the crazy's who ventured into the water.  The water is pretty cold here and I was chilly just laying on the beach in shorts and long sleeves!  We then biked on a route taking us by Narrow Neck Beach and Takapuna Beach.  We thought this would be a leisurely ride based on the distance but didn't account for the constant up and down hills.  We were pretty wiped out after our ride.  We had a late lunch at a cafe in Devonport called Platters.  Platters is a really cute place with views of the bay from your table and really good food.  After lunch we took the ferry back home to Auckland.  We had dinner that evening with some friends and enjoyed tacos and games!  Not a bad day at all for a random Wednesday off work!

Rangitoto from Cheltenham Beach

Chilling on the sand at Cheltenham

Narrow Neck Beach

Looking down the main street in Devonport

Waiting for the ferry back to Auckland


CrazyUncle said...

I hate to do this to you, but zero sympathy points as you enter into winter and get cold at a beach on a day off. In PHX, we did not get that day off and we are entering the hotter-than-you-know-what days for the next six months. However, it does sound like a good day.

Somehow, you flipped the street photo because all the cars are on the wrong side of the road. Have you driven much yet? How was it?