Prelude to the Wedding

Ashley and I spent the night after the rehearsal dinner in a hotel in downtown Fort Worth with Kristen and her bridesmaids.  We had a fun girls night but stayed up way too late for our early morning!  Kristen and her bridesmaids got up bright and early in order to get to their 8 am hair appointments.  Ashley and I left soon after heading back to Arlington via Whataburger (I definitely tried to fill my biscuit quota for the next year while in the states for a two week period).  

After showers, all the ladies (i.e. Grandma, Susan, Amanda, Ashley, and I) loaded up and drove over to the bridal luncheon in Fort Worth at a cute little tea room in an antique mall.  It literally caused me physical pain to not stop and browse in a such a fun antique store!  We had a fun lunch visiting with all of Kristen's closest family and friends.  After the luncheon, we rushed back to Grandma's, packed up the cars, and headed out for the big event in Azle!  

Bridal Luncheon Table

My partner in crime for the weekend!

Kristen's hair in a bag for protection until the wedding!

Sisters!  Amanda, Lindsay, Kristen, Ashley
 We arrived at the wedding venue early to help set up and of course get ready with Kristen and her bridesmaids.  I took on official babysitting duty to allow Amanda to help with official quilt square decorating duty.  Plus it afforded me some quality time with two of my three favorite nieces.  Adah and I played put on Lindsay's make up for most of the afternoon while Michaela preferred the eat Chick-fil-a nuggets game.  You would think that is not much of a game but in reality the game involves one player attempting to stuff her entire mouth full of nugget while the second player attempts to minimize said stuffing to one bite at a time.  If the second player fails, she is punished by having to catch partially chewed nugget in a napkin from the first players mouth. 

Cute little flower girl and the beautiful bride

Playing put on Lindsay's make up

Adah and Ashley ready for the ceremony

Playing the eat Chick-fil-a nuggets game
Amanda did all of our hair (our being Ashley, me, Adah, and Susan) and I must say all our styles turned out beautifully!  Then it was finally time for pictures!  It was super hot but the photographer was fast and I barely even got shiny face!  

 To be continued....


CrazyUncle said...

Right now, I cannot remember exactly which foods we searched out during our US visits, but there were some (just like you did with the Whataburger biscuits). By the way, either the chicken nuggets have gone bad or the nieces fooled you and are actually playing eat-the-blueberries.