The Streets of Auckland

Justin and I walk most places we go within the CBD of Auckland and as such have seen some interesting sights in our 5 months in the city.  Please enjoy our pictorial journey of Auckland.

Farmer's Market at Britomart every Saturday morning
Fireworks over the bay on Princes Wharf

Protesters on Queen Street on a special day set aside for protests
A snowman on Queen Street during a film shoot

Man shoveling fake snow on Queen Street for a film shoot
The unveiling of the catamaran for Team New Zealand for the America's Cup
Trash Art...a fish sculpture made of discarded jandals (a.k.a. flip flops)
Captain Pete Bethune, the captain of the Ady Gill from the Whale Wars series
And there is never a lack of great views....skyline view from one of our fishing spots


CrazyUncle said...

It seems that, by setting apart a day for protests, everyone not involved can know to avoid that area, thereby negating the point of a protest.

Hey, your photo of the skyline from a fishing spot only shows a parking lot. I cannot imagine you catch much there. Y'all might try dropping your lines into the harbor.