M&D Week 1....while we worked

While Justin and I worked, M&D continued their holiday!  They visited Devonport on Monday and we enjoyed a dinner at home together of chicken tikka masala and bread and butter pudding.  On Tuesday, M&D set out for the Bay of Islands.  From the pictures and stories, they had a great time!  

Unfortunately, Justin and I had a camera memory card malfunction during our weekend holiday to Hawke's Bay and we had not yet downloaded any pictures from my parents trip.  All the photos I have shared so far from my parent's trip are from their camera.  We are trying to decide if we should pay and attempt to recover our photos or just be satisfied with their photos. 

So until we either recover our photos or I get the rest of their photos....I will have to skip a few days of our fun!

Beautiful beach outside of Auckland

View out of my parent's room in Russell

A Norfolk Pine...my mom's favorite

View of the Hole in the Rock from my parent's sailing trip in the Bay of Islands


CrazyUncle said...

You're back in Blogville. Whoo hoo. Sorry about your memory card, but thanks for the folks' photos.