Go Warriors!

Justin and I finally made it to our first rugby game on Sunday!  I was informed by a co-worker that since we were going to see the Warriors play, we were going to watch the league, not rugby.  We took the train to the Mt Smart stop and then made the long trek to the stadium.  In hindsight, it would have been cheaper and less walking to drive to the game.  Little did we know how small a crowd a local league game attracts!  The atmosphere and stadium felt similar to a large high school football or small college football game.  We enjoyed yummy fried stadium food including donuts!  Any venue that sells freshly fried donuts is a winner to me!  The Warriors ended up losing but it was a close game so very entertaining for two league virgins.  It started raining towards the end of the game and continued on our walk to the train stop.  Luckily, we are used to the winter, Auckland weather and came pretty much prepared.  We definitely want to go back for another game next season and are hoping to catch an All Blacks game as well!

Trying to fill the hole in his heart left by no football
Junior league after their game

My first rugby game....the Warriors are not the team in all pink!

They don't walk around selling beer in NZ.....
And of course I bought some!


CrazyUncle said...

Donuts kind of go with anything, even a league game. I might even be willing to walk through rain and winter weather to get some. I would even go to an All Blacks game for them.