On Friday, 3 August, I left work early to meet M and D and head to the sky tower to watch the sunset before dinner.  M and D and I walked to the sky tower and enjoyed the views from the observation deck as the sun set over Auckland.  Just after sunset, Justin arrived and we went up to Orbit for dinner.  Orbit is the restaurant at the top of the sky tower that rotates as you dine.  We rotated at least three times while we ate dinner and I'm not going to lie, it made me slightly sick to my stomach.  The meal was delicious!  We enjoyed mini farmhouse loaves and a goat cheese puff as appetizers.  For our mains, M had the lamb, J and D had the filet, and I had the chicken.  After dinner, we ascended to the highest observation deck at the sky tower for a final farewell to the Auckland city night view from above.  We stopped at the Occidental on the way home for dessert on the heated patio.  It was a great evening which we will forever compare to our space needle experience on our great Northwest vacation!

From the bottom of the Sky Tower

View of the bay from the Sky Tower

Straight ahead is a view from above of our apartment on Princes Wharf
Sunset from the Sky Tower
Same view of Princes Wharf from the Sky Tower after dark


CrazyUncle said...

Oo wee. That sunset shot is really nice. I'm glad you caught it.