Farewell to Fiji

We spent our last day in Fiji laying on the beach, relaxing, and snorkeling.  We ventured over to Musket Cove for lunch before retiring to our beach loungers once again.  We had a great dinner at Ananda's and once again enjoyed watching the bats followed by the sunset.  

A man and his binoculars

From the resort

My chair for the day
Bat signal

Hard to capture a photo but you get the idea

Farewell dinner
The next morning we arose early to check out by 7:30.  We had a farewell breakfast at Black Coral of banana pancakes before catching the ferry back to Port Denarau followed by a taxi to the airport.  The taxi driver spent the entire ride explaining to us why his taxi was better than the yellow taxi's in an attempt, we can only assume, to get us to pay more.  And in fact, we did pay $10 FJD more than our taxi to the resort but I guess it was worth it for the insurance (or so the driver informed us).  We had an uneventful flight and arrived back in Auckland around 4 pm to prepare for work the next day.  

The one photo Justin allowed of the two of us and he closed his eyes...
A trip to Fiji was a lovely way to ring in 2013!


CrazyUncle said...

Cool bat photos, but they were not enough to justify a comment on them. Instead, I will say that I knew what wanted to say to you by the end of the first paragraph. You said "We spent our last day in Fiji laying on the beach, relaxing, and snorkeling." When you are snorkeling on the beach, does sand come down the snorkel and choke you?