Relaxing and Fishing in Fiji

We spent the first day of 2013 lounging on a perfectly sunny beach on Malolo Island.   It was a beautiful, still day, hot in the sun but perfect in the shade of a palm tree.  The snorkeling off the beach at the resort was really great with clear water, tons of fish, and some coral.  The beach was pure sand with no rocks or coral to cut your feet and you just had to swim out less than 100 yards to reach the reef.  The resort beach was dotted with lounge chairs and was never crowded.  We enjoyed relaxing, reading, and exploring the resort.  We had lunch at the snack bar and dinner at the a la carte restaurant at the resort, Black Coral.

View of the main restaurant at the resort at night

Musical entertainment at Black Coral
The next day we headed out early for a 4 hour game fishing trip with 4 other people.  I didn't take my camera but the views of the ocean and other islands were beautiful and we enjoyed another perfectly sunny day.  We each took 30 minute rotations in 1 of the 2 fishing chairs on the boat.  If any of the lines on your side of the boat hooked a fish while you were in the chair, it was your fish and you got to reel it in.  Unfortunately, we only hooked 2 fish and it was not when either Justin or I were in the chairs.  We did catch a mahi-mahi and it was really cool to watch the fish struggle and ultimately be reeled in, whacked on the head, and stuffed in the cooler (or chilly bin for you kiwis).  It was a beautiful, colorful fish!  I got rather sea sick once we headed out to the open ocean but found some solace up top with the captain where I could see the horizon and stay in the shade.  He taught me how to look for a swarm of birds over the water which means the fish will be nearby.  Sure enough, we spotted a swarm of birds and circled around the area for about one minute before snagging the mahi-mahi.  He also pointed out the filming spots for the movie Castaway and Survivor Fiji.  

We spent the afternoon on the beach and then enjoyed another dinner at Black Coral. 

Justin chillaxin on the beach in a hammock

Beautiful view a steps from our bure


CrazyUncle said...

Did you just say that the passengers set sail that day for a four hour tour, a four hour tour? Yes, you did. And you saw where Castaway was filmed and Tom Hanks taught us, "Coconut milk is a natural laxative. That's something Gilligan never told us." And you saw where Survivor Fiji kicked off Yau Man before he won.

Pretty cool. Keep the adventures coming.