Sailing Fiji

We had a leisurely morning enjoying banana pancakes at Black Coral followed by walking around the resort snapping some photos.  The banana pancakes were awesome and Justin and I enjoyed them on multiple mornings.  Basically, they were two large pancakes rolled up with cooked bananas inside and served with maple syrup.  Next we headed to our favorite spot on the beach and relaxed and read for the rest of the morning.  

In the afternoon, we chartered a small yacht with a skipper for 4 hours.  The yacht was 6 meters long  and the skipper did most of the sailing.  Justin steered the boat most of the time and I mostly sat and enjoyed.  A storm swept through while we were sailing and I got very nervous!  We had to put the sails down and wait it out.  After the storm, we got some nice sun with the occasional shower.  We were not to fond of the skipper who didn't follow the sailing rules Penny taught us!  Justin really learned alot though and we feel more comfortable on a sail boat.

We went to dinner at Lomani's, the adults only resort next door to ours.  Unfortunately it was raining so we had to sit inside but the dinner was really good.  Justin had surf and turf and I had a coconut prawn dish.  

After dinner, we enjoyed watching hermit crab races at our resort before heading to bed.

Favorite spot on the beach

Posing on the beach in my stupid floppy hat
Steering and very happy

From our yacht
Our yacht

View from dinner...normally, the patio is full of seating
Lomani's beach

View of Lomani's restaurant


CrazyUncle said...

ANOTHER four hour tour? (Did you realize that you pronounce all three of those words that end "our" a different way?) At least in this post, you included photos that prove Justin went with you.

Hermit crab races, huh? Were they raised from little crablets and sent out to stud if they win multiple races?

Those banana pancakes sound good, though.