Bean Bag Reading Lunches

One of the things I have been enjoying over the past year is having extra time for reading.  I often sit outside on my lunch break and read while relaxing in a red bean bag in the park near the front of my office.  I have read five and a half books since the start of the year which is most likely a record for me.  I know there have been some years I am lucky to have read five books total for the whole year!  

My view at lunch from my bean bag
I discovered a new British author, David Nicholls, and thoroughly enjoyed all three of his books.  My favorite was One Day but I also devoured Starter for Ten and The Understudy.  My favorite thing about these books is that they are very true to life.  The main characters are human, flawed, and make some pretty terrible, albeit realistic decisions.  All three books do not leave you with a neat tied up ending but somehow also leave you satisfied.  I recommend David Nicholls to you if you enjoy stories about everyday life and witty dialogue.  I seriously laughed out loud at numerous points while reading these books.  You also get some nice British terminology which is always fun...who doesn't want to call pants, knickers?


CrazyUncle said...

That's nice that you can sit outside in the middle of summer. I would not try that here. Now, maybe in the middle of winter, it would be comfortable.

Sounds like an interesting writer. Oh wait. You had me until you described his stories more. My favorite books are those where the protagonist is non-human, flawless, and always make the right decision. I liked the books entitled "Two Days," "Star Trek for Eleven," and "The Overlord." Wow, I was so close to reading the same books as you, huh?