Adventures with Pat and Dan

In November, we were fortunate enough to have the Auckland marathon take place right outside our apartment.  This international event attracted two pro-marathoners who we happened to know.  We were also lucky enough to have these pro-marathoners want to hang out with us for the duration of their New Zealand stay!  Seriously though, we had a great time visiting with Pat and Dan while they visited Auckland and completed the Auckland marathon despite the intense sun and shortage of water! 

Pat and Dan around half way

Posing mid-race in front of this one!
We had some fun dinners in town and a memorable trip to Piha and Muriwai on the west coast.  We had a hard time tearing Dan away from the Gannet colony viewing area and Pat was overwhelmed by the fine and soft black sand beaches!

Aw, isn't he cute??

Posing at Piha

Pat, Dan and I at Muriwai
View from the Gannet colony lookout
Although I had to leave half way through their stay for new senior manager training, I was happy to have friends from home visiting while leaving Justin to travel 11 hours to Malaysia.

My favorite quote of the trip was Pat asking shortly before leaving Dallas if we lived anywhere near the Hilton.  Ha I responded, we live literally next door!  Perfect!

Pat said we should kiss for the photo....

From Mount Eden



CrazyUncle said...

Now that seems like an odd marathon. According to your blog, it only attracted two pro-marathoners. And even more unbelievably, you happened to know them! I know it is fun to have friends come to visit.

One good thing is how happy Justin looks as you are kissing him in the next-to-last photo.

Katie Norwood said...

Hey Lindsay! Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog. It really made my day!! It meant a lot, so I wanted to let you know. Keep up all your posts about your adventures - I'm always fascinated by the cool things y'all do!!