10 Facts You May Not Know About My Brother

1.  Ben loved his Birkenstock mules.  He really believed they were the only shoes he needed.  He could dress them up or down, summer or winter.

2.  Ben was a firm believer that the Texas "swimming season" should begin in April.  The rest of the family joined him by Memorial Day...if he was lucky (and the weather was warm).

3. The only thing that could get Ben out of bed early was evidently....sonic the hedge hog.  He used to get up early to catch the sonic the hedge hog cartoon show and as far as I know....that never happened again!

4.  Little Ben had such sensitive eyes, he spent most mornings of his early childhood hiding in the corner of the living room shielding his eyes from the harsh morning light with his hands.

5.  Ben is the only adult I know of that literally slept while in the shower.  Seriously, standing up with my mom yelling at him from outside the bathroom.

6.  We had a running joke about Ben's underwear showing while he "sagged" his jeans.

7. Even Ben had to admit my bicep muscle was bigger than his (despite his efforts at P90X).

8.  Ben had the flat-est Flintstones feet I have ever seen.  Where did these come from?

9.  Ben had a true desire to learn Italian and move to Italy.  He would have loved to visit us in New Zealand.

10.  Ben was always up to help someone out...he built a fence with my church group for a widow (for free) and helped dig out our front flower bed (including breaking up concrete) for a pizza!


Amanda Batson said...

I remember playing pirate ship for hours on end and on many occasions with Benny. We would pretend the floor of our rooms was hot lava with sharks in it and we constantly were rescuing the stuffed animals from certain death. Ben was one of the most creative people I knew with an incredible imagination! We were the best of friends and always leaned on each other when the big kids didn't want us to play with them ;). --Love, Amanda Batson

CrazyUncle said...

Two Things Ben Probably Knew About Lindsay
1) She has a skill at remembering even mundane details about life. Luckily, this now lets you keep his memory alive and we are all thankful for that.
2) Lindsay enjoys life and being with others who do, too. That let's her enjoy her time with family and friends.

Lindsay, thanks for sharing your heart. I know it still hurts.