Our Great New Zealand Adventure with S&M - Part I

In early June we had one of our best NZ adventures yet when our friends Sarah and Mark (S&M) visited from Dallas.  S&M arrived on Tuesday and we had dinner on the wharf at Urban Turban before calling it an early night so our jet lagged travelers could get some rest.

The next day Justin had to work so S, M and I set out to climb Rangitoto.  The day was spent hiking with friends, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the views.  Using the self timer on my camera, we managed a few shots of Mark and his posse.  The day was much clearer than our last trip to the top of the volcano and thus the views even better! 

Mark and his SN's
The next morning the four of us set out on a road trip adventure to the Northland!  We had lunch on the water in Whangarei and arrived in Russell in time to enjoy our wonderful view and explore the town a little.  We made dinner in our cottage that evening and enjoyed laughing over a few wines with old friends!

My perfect angel

The fog over Whangarei Falls

View from the back porch of our cottage in Russel

The following morning I made time for a run along the beach while S made breakfast.  I discovered a trail to a nearby bay and picked my way along with no issues until I reached the rocky beach and tripped over my own feet and fell off the foot or so drop off.  I scrapped my legs and hands up pretty bad and had to rest for a while on the beach before recovering enough to run again.

After breakfast, we took a small ferry to Paihia for shopping and lunch at a local Thai place.  As per the usual, our travels centered around eating.  We had dinner on the water in Russel at The Gables where we enjoyed a "fancy" dinner.

I'm on a boat


CrazyUncle said...

I am, of course, sorry that you fell, but your story reminded me of a common scene on the TV program Family Guy. When Peter falls or something and hurts himself, they show him sitting or laying on the ground and sucking air in and out for a looong time. I imagined you doing that until you could run again.

Did J&M stay in those positions on the boat the whole way? They're just crazy.

Urban Turban? Oh, isn't that the place that serves delicious Bombay food down on Jellicoe St? Yeah, Naan Sense from there sounds really good right now. The Bombay Potato Bhaji is probably closer to what my diet would allow, though.

OK, where's Part 2?