Our Great New Zealand Adventure with S&M - The Conclusion

We topped off our tour of the Northland with a stop at Muriwai Beach at sunset.  We marveled at the black sand beach and the beautiful colors of the sunset through clouds.  We took group shots with an unrivaled back drop of the sea.  And then we watched the Westpac Rescue Helicopter transport a man off the beach below after a hang gliding accident. We learned the next day that the man survived the accident.  

Sunset over Muriwai

Now that's a good lookin' group!

Westpac Rescue Helicopter on the beach

Thank you to the proud sponsors of this amazing adventure with two of our best friends!  This fun filled trip was made possible with your support.

EY and Westpac representin'

We seriously laughed more this week than we have in years.  We loved exploring New Zealand with S&M but good company was only enhanced by the incomparable landscape and new experiences. 


CrazyUncle said...

Oh, wow! I have a new favorite photo of yours. That sunset over Muriwai is wai cool (clever, right? Tying the wai part of the name into meaning way?).

Did you really laugh more this week than in years? What does that mean about all of the rest of us who have been with you in years past? Not enough laughing?