Lake Texoma

We had a wonderful time at the lake this weekend! We left Friday after work and it took about an hour and half to get there. We took it easy that night just lounging in the hot tub. On Saturday, we rented a 4 person wave runner and explored the lake. It was beautiful weather, sunny and the water was smooth. We had lunch at the marina overlooking the lake. Later that afternoon, we took a giant raft (5' by 7') to the beach and floated in the sun. We came home on Sunday and crashed. I will post pictures as soon as we get them developed. We did not take many pictures with the digital camera due to the danger of dropping items into the lake. Although, I do have a few of Justin dancing.

Today is a great day. Even though it is Monday, it is the best kind of Monday. The Cowboys are on Monday night football. I am anxious to see if they can duplicate the great performance of last week. Plus Aikman, Irving, and Emmit are being inducted into the Ring of Honor. Some of you might remember these awesome players from our 3 Superbowl wins back in the 90's.

In another TV note, I too am excited about all the season premiers in the next week. Justin and I love Amazing Race. I am a big Survivor fan as well as a Gilmore Girls fan. I don't know if anyone else watches it but if you do....I have the same purse as Lorelai.


BrendaW said...

I love Gilmore girls too. Unfortunatly It is on the night that Zachary is home and he isn't a big fan of that show. I try and catch the reruns on Sunday night when he is at work though. Glad you had fun at the lake.

Zachary said...

I try to keep her away from those crazy girl shows. I don't think you should be encouraging her Lindsay. What does Justin think of Gilmore Girls? Make sure and post some of those lake pics when you get 'em.

Auntie Eisel said...

Goin to the lake sounds great!!! I really miss going to the lake in Whiskeytown. I'm glad you had fun though. I'll be anxious to see those pictures too.

CrazyUncle said...

So, LW, you didn't get to change your initials when you wed, huh? Neither did Ali. Only Katie changed. So, you kids will still sit in the back row if they sort by last name.

Thank you for not talking about the sun your skin soaked up. I am sure you took appropriate measures to protect your youthful appearance.

Go Cowboys! Go Amazing Race (my favorite, although I am a little nervous about the Family Version)!

Future Uncle said...

See, that's what I'm talking about. Jay, which in my opinion isn't a very good abbreviation of Justin, has this crazed notion that the 49ers are somehow a good team. Now, I know very little about football but I know enough to know that 49ers are the worst possible team that one could like.

Katie80 said...

Uour weekend at the lake sounds like so much fun!!
We only have AFN (Armed Forces Network) over here. So, while I do watch some of the same shows at y'all, for all I know they might be from last season. I'm so out of the loop! We just started Survivor Guatemala last week. Is that old or new?
Don't forget to post some pictures soon!!