Rainy day in Texas

Today was an uneventful day for me. Went to the office like normal and plugged away at never ending work. For some reason I was not feeling very happy. Perhaps because it is rainy, gloomy, and very hot and humid here today. That is the worst kind of weather in my book.
Justin and I are going to the lake this weekend with some friends. It is supposed to be sunny and should be a fun time. Lots of laying in the sun and hopefully some jet skiing. We are leaving Friday after work and will be gone until Sunday.
One rather serious note. Kara and Aaron's baby, Walker, is due on November 7. However, Kara has low amniotic fluid. The doctor previously said it is not a problem but now it is a little more serious. Low amniotic fluid is often a sign of the placenta failing. Kara has to get a sonogram every week and the doctor said to come each time with her bags packed. He said if there is any sign that the placenta is failing, he wants to deliver immediately. Pray for the baby and Kara and Aaron. The baby is healthy right now at 3.5 pounds, the normal size for 32 weeks.


Auntie Eisel said...

Hey Lindsay.
We'll be praying for Kara and Aaron. I hope your weather gets better I know how you feel. It's pretty nice here right now though. I though you might want to ask you mom to read my blog. Just in case she wanted to know about Daisy. Or if you want (or she wants) you could just give me her email address so that I can tell her. I just thought she would like to know. I'm glad you made a new post! Blogs are cool.:)

BrendaW said...

Hey lindsay the weather is one thing that I could not handle there in Texas. Although very warm here in N. Cal it is a dry heat and not all that humidty. Keep us posted on Kara & Aaron and we will continue to keep them in our prayers. Have and awesome time at the lake this weekend

CrazyUncle said...

My gooder half talked to your mama yesterday about K&A. Of course, we'll be praying for her....no, them.

You may NOT lay in the sun. It prematurely ages the skins and you'll end up looking like me. Did you know I am actually the youngest kid, but I look so old, we say I am firstborn. Pretty sad, huh? NO SUN!

Zachary said...

Lindsay, Tiger is the newest operating system for Macintosh computers. Widgets are basically mini webpages set up to run on our desktops and give us info about, well, pretty much anything. Sadly, I don't believe you can view it on a pc. If anyone knows otherwise, please comment.

Jay said...

You left a comment on my blog about sunday's game being good.... maybe if you're an eagles fan=) Oh well, we'll have to see how dallas fares tonight against washington. Should be a good one for the old rivalries....is that how you spell it? Anyway, take it easy, and hopefully your weekend was fun at the lake.