I love Friday's!!

Yeah, it is finally Friday! I love Friday's because you have the whole weekend to look forward to. Not that I have anything wonderful planned. So far the only plans are going to a concert on Sunday. It is called the Wolf Free For All. It is a free country concert at on outside arena. The tickets are free but you did have to go get a ticket or win one.

Recently, I have taken a break from studying for the CPA which makes weekends even better. However, I think I finally made a break through with registering. For those of you who don't know, I have been trying to register for over a year and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I talked to a lady the other day and she mailed the application and sent me the mail confirmation through email. So, Mommy, you should be expecting a CPA package any day! If all this is actually true and I could register to take a section in November, I could be done with the 3 hard sections by February. I will be glad to be done but am not looking forward to hitting the books again.


ashodpuck said...

u 2 bored in a office... hum, well we got a lot of common reasons mmm but my blog is the same as you but in spanish... belive it or not! you can visitme in http://ashodpuck.blogspot.com see ya ! look how to do a gun in your offic link (arma tu arma)
nos vemos un gusto realmente! adios

carealot said...

Enjoy your concert, you social butterfly! And good luck with your CPA stuff. I'm pretty sure that is the official disignation for the tests, etc.

I like the header bar on your blog, is that a personal picture or did you just find it somewhere?

CrazyUncle said...

Yeah, like that concert could be anywhere near as good as Weird Al Yankovic. Sure, rub it in that you are bored in the office on Fridays. At least you have an office. And one more thing that I hope is true: the P in CPA doesn't stand for Proctologist, does it?