Well, It's That Time Again

Yep, that's right. It is another Ernst & Young fundraiser. This time it is for the United Way. First, you begin recieving about 1 email a day urging you to donate. Next, you recieve a personalized email link that allows you to click on it and make a donation through a payroll deduction. Then, you recieve update emails (again about 1 a day) telling you the percentage of employees that have participated so far and how close we are to the firm goal. It is about this time that you begin to feel guilty that you are not included in that percentage. So you break down and click on the personalized link to make a direct deduction out of your paycheck.

A week or so later, you begin to notice signs around the office indicating that if you donate at a certain level you can participate in causal Friday's for October. Well, by this time you are so far in that you once again click on the link and raise your direct deduction so that you too may wear the coveted jeans for 4 whole Friday's in a row!

Now repeat that for March of Dimes in the spring plus countless races to raise money for very worthy causes such as breast cancer and you can't forget Katrina. It all adds up to alot of donations and a few causal days.

Wow! They are good.

If you would like to kill two birds with one stone, click on the link below. It is a link to a United Way fund that goes to help Katrina victims! Hurry, before the third round of emails begins!


(Disclaimer: Although it may appear that I am bitter as a result of the donations, that is actually untrue. I am bitter that E&Y makes it so convinent to donate! Now I have no excuse.)


Katie80 said...

Sounds like Ernst & Young are even better at the Fund Raising Game than the military. It is that time of year for the Combined Federal Campaign as well. Except they actually have representatives for each squadron, so people come into our office and ask us (repeatedly) to donate and then regail us with all the wonderful charities.
Anyway, at least you will sleep well at night knowing you've helped to make the world a better place! :)

BrendaW said...

My comment is for your other post but I decided to say it on this one because I wasn't sure if you go back and look at your previous posts. With that being said I would like to point out I feel far less superior when it comes to craftiness with your mom and sister. I have seen there places and wish I could decorate like that. I have half a mind to tell your mom to come decorate my cute little house for me because I don't know what to do with it. The walls are so pretty I don't want to just throw things up there and have it look stupid. So, Aunt Denise if you are ever out and about Northern Ca and want to stop by that would be great.

Lindsay said...

If you read this, I can not leave comments on your blog because I am not a member. You need to adjust your settings. You can turn off allow only members and put it on only registered users under who can comment. Then click yes on show word verification. Word verification makes it impossible for automated systems (advertisments) to comment.

Mimi & Poppy said...

Well that certainly explains why nobody has even bothered to comment on my precious thoughts! I switched it like you told me to. Thank you for your instructions. Keep me in line! Try again and see what happens.
Love, MBW